What Do You Get?

Whether 5 or 500 people, Denley brings limitless energy and practical insights for your personal journey to his engaging sessions. He helps his participants to rekindle the passion for living their best; create a climate of empathy among their peers; and develop a more creative and dynamic team. Here are some ways that Denley can empower you to be your best:   


Workshop A: Speaking Your Way up the Corporate Ladder                              

Objective: Developing a clear and commanding professional speaking voice, and approaches for presenting to your audiences.

Background: You will have an opportunity to refine your public speaking skills by focusing on the biomechanics of speaking. Understand potential or current roadblocks that hinder you from gaining consensus with stakeholders and key decision-makers. If you are looking to build confidence, a stronger voice and a clearer message for your audience, this is a must!


Workshop B: How to Stay Sane While Working With an ‘Insane’ Boss

Objective: Developing a strategy to effectively handle tough management and executives.

Background: You will have an opportunity to build your relationship management skills in dealing with difficult supervisors, managers, and executives. You will work with peers as you role play characteristics of an ‘insane’ boss. Through lively discussions, you will discover the best tactics to handle these ‘allies’ in disguise.


Workshop C: Help! Everywhere I Go, Fear Stalks Me

Objective: Understanding fear, how it affects your professional and personal development and ways to overcome it.

Background: In this interactive session, you will learn how fear could be holding you back in your career. You will learn about the nature, categories, symptoms, and consequences of fear. You will also have an opportunity to discuss your challenges among peers as a tactic to overcome your fears. As a group, you will develop a plan of action to handle fear, so you can thrive in your business and career.


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