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Saluting the Queen of Pop with a Single Finger – Welcome back Madonna

With every pom-pom shaking, skirt fluttering and child asking “what’s that mommy?”, millions of onlookers who stood as faithful and newly subjects were being ushered into celebration… or blush. The re-emergence of a pop diva was about to dawn along the horizon of the Gen Z  coastline, to rightly take her throne.  With Nicki Minaj acting as the messenger, Cee Lo  standing as court jester and M.I.A. giving the single-finger salute as sergeant-of-arms, Madonna took center stage to meet her blended generation of subjects. Although Madonna’s performance was not her best, the wave of her persona carried  the sizzling show to a mighty crest, sweeping us away from rushing to the Bud, the wings and the call of nature.

I must admit it was a colourful half-time show far exceeding the last few Super Bowl slumbers.  Come on –  what’s a half-time show without some drama? From the wardrobe malfunction of yesteryear to now the finger malfunction of yesterday, this half-time show got us talking. We pretended that we wanted a tame show, an absolute slumber. However, deep down inside, we wanted a wild show – an absolute slammer.

Some may say the M.I.A.’s act casted a negative light on the show. I would disagree. She served Madonna’s purpose as a servant in her royal court. M.I.A. lived up to her thug status with minimal detriment to Madonna ‘angelic’ status.  Her action was merely a decoy to distract us and remind us that the Material Girl is back.

I would say everyone won! M.I.A. was thrown back into the forefront reminding her fans that she is still a hard thugette after mat leave. Madonna was thrown back into the forefront scooping up X to Z generations with her ensemble cast. We won, the viewers, because we found a reason to waste time at work the Monday with idle chat without being reprimanded. Again proving the day after the Super Bowl  was one of the least productive days for a company. We also got a bonus to boot with the coming of Madonna to an altar…I mean a concert near you.

So instead of giving THE FINGER down for M.I.A., we should give her the thumbs up for making Elton John’s life more miserable.  Madonna emerged from the ashes of yesteryear while Elton can only sing the Circle of Life in a casino somewhere and pout at the roar of the lioness – Madonna, the Queen of the Pop Jungle.  We can only say welcome back.

~ Denley W. McIntosh


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